When your pet receives a diagnosis of cancer, it can be devastating. At AnimERge, we understand the whirlwind of emotions you are experiencing and we’re here to help. Our Oncology Specialists are highly skilled, using innovative medical techniques that are designed to help fight. Our goal is to give your pet the highest quality of life and improve the length of life with the utmost compassionate care. We are here to help you and your pet through this challenging and stressful time with trust and warmth.

We want you to know that cancer can be quite treatable! With the many advances in science and veterinary medicine, we are now able to aggressively treat a wide variety of oncological diseases, including but not limited to:

While not every patient we treat will overcome cancer, we promise to deliver as timely and accurate information as possible so that the appropriate course of treatment can be determined and implemented, improving the chances of a positive outcome. The specialists at AnimERge will work closely with you and your regular veterinarian every step of the way to develop the most effective plan for your pet, whether it’s surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy or some combination.

Cancer in pets is a frightening diagnosis, but we are here to help. With the right team in your corner, you can help your pet fight this disease and hopefully go on to live a long, happy life.

What People Are Saying...

The staff at Animerge showed great care and affection towards our cat, Sammy, when we brought him in after a traumatic injury to his tail. They examined him right away and, determining that he needed surgery, spent time explaining their plan to us and going through the risks and benefits in a compassionate and thorough way. He received excellent medical care and the follow-up was great. We would recommend Animerge without reservation!

Carolyn C

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