Phase I: I Think I Want A Puppy

Fox Tale’s Take the Money and Run (aka Capone) fell into my lap–so to speak–and I truly believe he was destined from the beginning to be with me. I first met him (and his littermates) when they were merely 3 days old and weighed a whopping 1.3 lbs.  Their mother Faith came to Animerge when her owner became concerned during Faith’s recovery following a recent bloat surgery. The puppies were too young to be separated from their mother, and therefore, came to Animerge as well.

Fifteen days earlier, I had lost my heart and soul dog Caleb unexpectedly. The entire staff at the hospital knew my emotions were still incredibly raw, so when this litter of brindle and fawn Dane pups came in with their mother, my coworkers hoped these little bundles of joy would help heal my heart.

When I first met Faith’s owner, Diane, she was standing at the front desk of the hospital, anxiously waiting to hear how her dog was doing in the back triage area. I instantly felt as though I knew this stranger in front of me–as if we had met before some place. After getting the necessary information about Faith and the puppies, we started talking a little more informally. I noticed her riding boots, as well as the familiar smell of horses and hay on her jacket. When I inquired about them, she stated she in fact had horses, and we had actually once kept our horses at the same barn, but had never met. She mentioned a few names in the Dane world, many were people I consider friends and regularly spent time with. She explained how much time and effort went into this particular breeding to bring this very special litter into the world. We quickly realized we had so many things in common, and our paths had crossed so many times yet here we were standing face to face for the first time in the middle of a crisis.

The puppies stayed with Faith for 3 days in the hospital while she recovered, not something as an emergency hospital we typically do, but this wasn’t your typical situation either. The new family left Animerge (healthy and happy) on New Year’s Eve, with just enough time to watch the ball drop. On her way out, Diane quietly mentioned how she may not know how just yet, but some how, some way, she would make sure the perfect Dane made its way into my life again. She left me with her name and number on a slip of paper before leaving.  The thoughts of adding a puppy so soon after losing Caleb, sent a rollercoaster of emotions through my body.  Although I felt I wasn’t even close to adding another dog into my home, never mind my heart, fate had a different plan for me.

I asked myself repeatedly, do I really need another dog in my house? The obvious answer to most people was: NO. I work long hours at the hospital and already had 3 dogs and Mrs. Meowington at home. But I’m 32 years old, I have a great career, and take great pride in the care of my “furry kids.” A very close friend of mine said to me “Kara, if getting a puppy makes you happy, then do it. Do what makes YOU happy. Life is too short, just get the dog!”  She was right, if I wanted a new puppy because, well because it made me happy, then I was going to get a puppy! Fast forward to March and here I was bringing home this 25.5 pound Dane pup who was 10 weeks old with a grin that spanned from ear to ear. But was I really prepared for what was to come?

-K.L. Mitchell

Below are some photos from K.L.’s first encounter with Capone and his litter mates as well as a photo of his first day in his forever home.

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  1. Sharon Currie says:

    Life can be full of wonderful surprises if you let them in. This is just the beginning of another adventure. Enjoy every moment!

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