Toys Toys Everywhere: Keeping My Puppy Busy

Keeping your Puppy Busy

The saying goes “A tired puppy is a good puppy,” and oh are those words so true! By mentally and physically stimulating your puppy with toys and play, he or she is far less likely to get into trouble. Hard to ruin the couch when he’s too busy sleeping on it, right?  So the question becomes, which puppy toy is right for my dog?

Selecting Puppy Toys

There are many different products on the market available for purchase that can be helpful in engaging your puppy. Due to the fact that I have 4 dogs, (a 9lbs Jack Russell all the way up to a 120lbs Swissie) I need toys that can handle tough chewers and smart dogs. KONG brand makes a variety of toys that fit the bill for my house. I tend to fill the KONG toys with wet dog food, peanut butter even yogurt and toss in some dry kibble as well, then freeze it. It takes my guys hours to lick the frozen center out which is a great distraction! I am also a fan of bully sticks, antlers, and large frozen marrow bones. These are all great for those with puppies with busy mouths or who may be teething.

Though it is the holiday season, and many people will be purchasing toys for their pets, please be careful in selecting toys. I try not to have stuffed toys laying around unless they are made from an extra durable material. Capone has a favorite raccoon stuffed toy that he LOVES to take that everywhere with him. He’s not a very aggressive chewer, so it’s more of a pacifier for him, but nonetheless, I never leave him unattended with it. Stuffed toys and rope toys can be fun for dogs, but should only be played with under supervision. More than one puppy has visited Animerge with an obstruction caused by these types of toys. If you are believe your dog may have swallowed part of (or in some cases an entire) toy, immediately seek medical treatment. If your dog has an intestinal obstruction, you will likely see one or more of the following symptoms within twenty-four hours.

Signs of Intestinal Obstruction

Abdominal bloating

Abdominal pain


Dark tarry stools




Excessive drooling

Forceful vomiting

General ill health

Inability to defecate

Lethargy Loss of appetite

Straining to defecate


Weight loss


Happy Holiday from the Animerge Family to yours!

-K.L. Mitchell

AnimERge Night Supervisor


Puppy with Toy

Capone with one of his many puppy toys.

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