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From Our Emergency Vets: Some Unexpected Visitors

From Our Emergency Vets Our emergency vets have seen it all.  And though often their job is difficult and can have some unforgettable days and nights, they all love a happy ending.  This is one of those stories. Jayda, a … Continue reading

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Phase I: I Think I Want A Puppy

Fox Tale’s Take the Money and Run (aka Capone) fell into my lap–so to speak–and I truly believe he was destined from the beginning to be with me. I first met him (and his littermates) when they were merely 3 … Continue reading

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Tis The Season!

The holidays: love them or dread them they are approaching quickly. I am sure your list of things to do is growing by the minute. Order the holiday turducken: check. Deck the halls with every sparkly thing you can find … Continue reading

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Making a Difference

After a particularly long shift (I lost track of time around hour 13, I think.) I stopped at the local grocery store on my way home.  While standing in line with my few random items, the woman behind me asked … Continue reading

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Why Emergency Veterinary Medicine?

Why Emergency Veterinary Medicine? Veterinarians that work in an emergency veterinary hospital see a variety of patients. These patients include critically ill or badly injured animals who require immediate care; as well as, patients who require special medical attention but … Continue reading

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