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Phase I: I Think I Want A Puppy

Fox Tale’s Take the Money and Run (aka Capone) fell into my lap–so to speak–and I truly believe he was destined from the beginning to be with me. I first met him (and his littermates) when they were merely 3 … Continue reading

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Leptospirosis and What You Need to Know

As a good pet owner, you never miss your pet’s yearly exam with the vet. You stay up to date with the newest types of flea & tick product, never skip his monthly heartworm preventive, and of course, run a … Continue reading

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Making a Difference

After a particularly long shift (I lost track of time around hour 13, I think.) I stopped at the local grocery store on my way home.  While standing in line with my few random items, the woman behind me asked … Continue reading

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Why Emergency Veterinary Medicine?

Why Emergency Veterinary Medicine? Veterinarians that work in an emergency veterinary hospital see a variety of patients. These patients include critically ill or badly injured animals who require immediate care; as well as, patients who require special medical attention but … Continue reading

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