Tis The Season!

The holidays: love them or dread them they are approaching quickly. I am sure your list of things to do is growing by the minute. Order the holiday turducken: check. Deck the halls with every sparkly thing you can find from Home Goods: check. Remind Aunt Barbra it’s her turn to pick up Grandma Hattie from the airport this year: check. Keep your sanity through the holiday . . . hello?  Sanity? Hello–and we have a runner!

But, if you’re like me, the gift giving is the best part. Seeing the smiles on your friends’ and families’ faces when they open the gifts you have carefully selected, makes the stress of the holiday’s almost worth it (almost…). I always try to make sure I include everybody in the family on the gift buying extravaganza. That’s right, the dogs, cats, horses, and even my sister’s hamster get something. Working odd hours (usually 5pm-3am) and sleeping during the day, makes it hard for me to hit the local malls for unique gifts, so I rely on the wonderful internet to find something for everybody on my list.

 Want a gift that keeps on giving for Max? Try a Bark Box. Once a month a box full of toys, all natural treats and snacks arrive at your doorstep, all appropriately sized to fit your dog. He will think Santa Paws has come just for him, even in July! Get started at: www.barkbox.com

I have plenty of “stable friends” that spend more time with their Mr. Ed than their husbands, and these noble steeds deserve to be treated as well! Snaks Fifth Avenchew has a great variety of horse treats to please even the pickiest of lips. From “Pony Cannolis” and “Pony Pop Tarts” to “Birthneigh Cupcakes” and “Pony Pops,” this company is sure to bring lots of happy whinnies from the barn. With such a large selection, you will have no problem filling up the stockings that hang from their stalls. See their product list here: http://snaks5thavenchew.com/

 Mrs. Meowington, my lovely cat (who is convinced she’s a dog) never misses an opportunity to rip into the boxes under the tree weeks before the holiday. So finding a gift that would keep her occupied Christmas morning isn’t an easy feat. Thankfully, I found the FroliCat Pounce Automatic Cat Teaser. Long name, amazing results! This snazzy new toy has Mrs. Meowington occupied for hours and can be found online through many different retailers.

In the upcoming weeks, take time to sit back, relax, enjoy a cup of eggnog by the fire and grab a few sugar cookies. As stressful as the holidays are, they are meant to be spent surrounded by the ones we love and hold near and dear–two legged and four. Oh, and hopefully you will have found your sanity by the time the New Year rolls around. Happy holidays from my family to yours!

– K. L. Mitchell

K. L. Mitchell and her dog Caleb.

K. L. Mitchell and her dog Caleb.

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